Two MSD 8224 (GM DIS) coils for the ignition. These coils have two blade terminals which control charging and firing, just like any other wasted spark coils out there.

I am using the GM ignition module as a mounting base - it is already built and provides connection to the coils. I pryed the back off of the module and ground the electronics out of it. I then wired the inside so that the Weatherpack connector wires directly to the coil blade terminals. I would have a picture of the inside of the base, but I didn't think to take any pictures before I epoxied it back together. duh.


Aqua colored lines indicate wires I added after removing the guts.

All others indicate already present internal connections. Pin A on 6-pin connector used for +12VDC, Pin B for charging/firing coil #1, Pin C for charging/firing coil #2.

EC36-35 to pin B on coil base, cylinders 2 & 3

EC36-33 to pin C on coil base, cylinders 1 & 4

Picked up a Ford (Echlin brand name actually) VR sensor and trigger wheel from NAPA auto parts. I will be having the trigger wheel machined flat on one side and precision drilled to bolt directly to the timing belt pulley on the crank. Those of you using the Ford VR sensor: which terminal is wired to which pin on EC36 for correct polarity?

Any VR sensor pinout info near EdisIgnition ?

It makes sense to verify with InputTrigger/TriggerLog even if it works (my connection, done according to the polarity in the docs was reversed).

Trigger wheel: NAPA PN# CSS304

VR Sensor: NAPA PN# CSS400