When uploading the firmware via avrprog: Click 'Exit' after finished uploading, window greyed and only available action is to click X to close (no matter how much time passes). Was worried that the upper bits would not be written to flash, but everything seems okay. Update (3/18): Have repeated this several times and everything works out okay.

I am trying to learn how to edit the XML manual. Tonight was the first night I've even had a chance to look at it, and it doesn't seem too bad. A few questions that probably aren't appropriate on the manual pages:

More config related questions:

I see the manual has been updated regarding ignition and injection h[] sequences, which helps a lot. Crystal clear now.

I want to connect to all sensors while old management system is working to test everything and do some datalogging before implementing v3.2, but don't want to actually run engine with it:


[history of Samuel].

6 Nov 2006:

Firmware r045

Wideband calibration troubles

With the trouble MembersPage/KoabiBrooks has had with calibrating his WBO2, I thought I'd double check mine to make sure it was accurate after the two seasons of running in the car. Sensor was originally calibrated with sensor screwed into the exhaust pipe. This may have caused some inaccuracies. Attached LCD, unscrewed WBO2 sensor from exhaust, changed to mlp07 to show WBO2 info, and used Manmde02 to start sensor heating. Once sensor was heated, pump went all the way to 0xFF and stayed there. Heater oscillated a bit, so I tuned the PID control to keep heater between 0x90..0xAF. Measured sensor temp with infrared temp gun, stayed in the 200+ deg F range.

LCD display example:

Ri:008E Nernst:072E 
Heat:A4 Pump:FF     
AFR=?     ??.?      
AFR=13.95  P      ON

"Ri" varied but stayed stable.

"Nerst" varied only in the last two bytes. First two bytes always read "07".

"Pump" stays at FF after sensor has left warmup mode.

Bottom AFR stayed at 13.95 until I started the engine. With sensor still outside of exhaust pipe, bottom AFR varied between 14.1...15.0.

Is the "??.?" supposed to be the O2%? I saw O2% on mlp02, but the value never changed from "??.?" at any point during my testing. I tried several times to start and stop the sensor heater.

What is going on here? Is this sensor dead? Where is the 02% supposed to be observed for calibration?

Still waiting for the radiator hose so I can do on-road testing of trigger settings.