My project is a 1990 Toyota Supra with the 7M-GTE engine, inline six cylinder turbo charged.

the car is completely stripped and fitted with an 8 point rollcage, the transmission had been upgraded by the previous owner to handle aprox 1000hp, what has been done to it is a mystery to me though :)

parts going into the engine and around:


1, completely rebuilt and fitted with Ross forged pistons, shotpeened oem rods, balanced and ARP bolt pretty much everywhere. the oilpump has been shimmed for higher pressure.

2, the head has been slightly polished and renovated, ARP bolts and MHG.

3, i´ll build a new turbo header to accomodate my dual mitsubishi 16T turbos, and of course a new custom exhaust :)

4, injectors will be 880cc low impedance and the preffered fuel will be e-85.

5, new brakes and calipers, interior and so on

i´m currently building my V3.3 and trying to figure it out :) will have dual EGT dual WBo2 and probably knocksensors also the mpxh6400 mapsensor.

more coming up, just need to figure things out :)