Hello All,

My Name is Jens and live in Denmark. Im here because interest and because Im stuck with my Vems project.


Project Car:

Nissan 200sx Ca18det 1992 EU Model.

Norris Designs 2009 Fast road engine with H steel rods.

GT2860RS, 550cc injectors, big intercooler/oil/water, 60mm TB, Ca16de inlet cam on 118", 3" Exhausts and Cat.


Suspension: HSD coilover.

Brakes: Front 299x32 sky brakes.

Wheels: Rota et10 16x8 Toyo/R888 225/45.


I am totally new in the world of engine management.


I use most of the original wiring with an adapter connection.

Assembled v3.6 controller prepared for 300kpa, 2xEGT, knock and lcd.

Nissan 24slot+sync CAS trigger.

LSU4 Wideband.

MAT sensor.

Pneumatic valve 3way.


I have connection between my PC and Vems Controller.



Vems Genboard V3 16x14 High-boost



The 2-April-10 progress.

I read:

Engine Speed: 220Rpm at the starter.

Throttle Position: OK

Spark Angle: 0deg

Pulse Width: ?

Engine Map: 1.025Kpa

Manifold Air Temp: 21C Outdoor temperature was 10C

Coolant Temp: 22C Outdoor temperature was 10C

Battery Voltage: 12V- 13.5V

Today I tried to find cyl.1 TDC on the pulley with strope but even if I have spark at spark plugs the mark.0 fly around on the pulley.

I tried to adjust the 'TDC after the trigger(deg)' from 0-127.5

Ignition outputs.

I had a few days ago a good stable signal but my settings in "Ignition outputs" were wrong.

I adjusted Coil4 after Cyl1.

New adapter connection

cyl2 ec36 pin35

cyl4 ec36 pin12

cyl3 ec36 pin33

cyl1 ec36 pin24

Ignitions outputs

0 ec36 Pin 35

5 ec36 pin 12

1 ec36 pin 33

6 ec36 pin 24