General questions

Iv done quite few installs as time passed by.

And every time ill install a vems its done faster and better, than the one before. I fell, I got a good knowlendge to deal with problems when riding along that road.. But 3 things seems to get back to my mind

How to find the dwell.

How to find PWM settings

Why dont we make a PID value sheet for stepper motors, boost valves ect ?


Sometimes i cannot find data sheets on a given ignition coil . using a oscilloscope i messurede the amps to the coil and i ajusted the dwell in the vems until the curve started to bend .. But that made the coil hot and now its dead.. And tip advive would be nice :)


i just installed a Lowz board and now it fiddeling with PWM settings very little info on howto ajus this.. Only some info for whats common but not anything how to find your own values ??


A bad idea anyone ??

Car peugeot 205 xu10j2te

Trigger 60-2 flywheel

Igtition stock Wasted spark

Highz injectors

'Got a issue with this car feels like it misfires a bit at partial load ..

Been looking at the triggerlog at idle and i cannot see logic in it. looks very random ?

A bit help making the car running 100% smooth

would be really nice :)

Hello Jens,

It seems the triggerlog was taken at too low baudrate, at idle you will have to use higher baudrate to capture all trigger events, try 57600 and make another triggerlog, i will review - DB


Well this is weird

Still no trigger error in vemstune .. all of a sudden where is my pr. trig ? :/

Reviewed last triggerlog (newtl.triggerlog) no trigger problems found, VR good polarity, 60-2 trigger. - DB


Car seems too be missing a cylinder, told the owner preform at leak down test :)

Car Totota Starlet ep8 4efte

Trigger -> [1] Car runs 4 tooth G signal like the 4AGE. Problem is that trigger tooth is 0 degrees so disassembled the whole distributor and used a hydraulic press to rotate the trigger wheel 45 degrees on its own Axel. This 4 tooth wheel provides trigger signal to the vems using th 2 "G" vr pickups in the distributor.

Spark -> Ignitor is removed from distributor and coil is driven directly from pin 36, 4 output is set as pin 36

Fule -> As usual.

IAC -> Im driven this as a on off atm. mabey ill pwm it ..

TPS -> the stock 4efte TPS is nogo, did find a universal to fit.

Car Nissan CA18DET

ECU serialnr=3822 (orderid=7469)

Was "sectrig for 360 pulse nissan trigger" requested in the order comment ? (to lower the sectrig filtering capacitor, as the 360 pulse nissantrigger has 30 times shorter pulses than normal sectrig pulses). Although this is more relevant at high-RPM, let's see clearly.

ECU 3822 was ordered as

I'm using the stock CAS trigger See InputTrigger/NissanTrigger Widest window measurement" in [VT help]
  • that is the reareadingm the hijacked "air correction gauge" to find out the "longest window length" (to verify how many sectrig pulses the ECU sees in the longest window) in case of Nissantrigger when temporarily inj+ign disabled (forced into safe mode with prohibit_h=0 - in ECU calibrations)
  • the whole text above and up, about sectrig is hard to understand, well for me it is... Never didt found out what "Air correction gauge is" and therefore I was fiddling arround with the “ignore sectrig pulse above” until the car started .. The value“1” seems to be what worked for me....

Car dynoed and runs very well... more info on i later.