I bought a Genboard v3.3 PCB in few months ago.

I mounted it in a Magneti Marelli ECU casing to make it as "plug and play" as possible for my car.

I took my time to make it and to read a lot about engine management and now it is time to start playing with it.

I managed to use existing loom but I had to add a connector on the ECU case for individual injector driving and the wideband lambda sensor.

My car is a Peugeot 106 XSI with a TU5J2 motor (1587cc, 8 valves)

It has a ported head and a "sport" AAC.

It is running on stock ECU (MM8P.16) with a remap made by an enthusiast. It is driveable but can be improved in term of idle stability, smooth operation , mid range torque and probably power in high rev. I also have 220cc injectors in stock that will better fit the engine but I don't want to mount these before I succed in running the car with the genboard.

My setup is :

VEMS v3.3 board

4 x 150cc injectors individually driven with 30V power flyback

wasted spark ignition (BOSCH twin coil)

1 x EGT sensor


Magneti Marelli 105kpa offboard map sensor

VR sensor on cranshaft, no camsync

knock sensor hardware but sensor not yet mounted

Here is my config file (v1.1.27) :

If one wants to comment them, do not hesitate. ;)

For the moment I only tried to start the engine once. It stalled after few (milli)seconds. I made some logs but the only modification I made is rising the cranking threshold from 300 to 400 rpm since the starter motor allow speed higher than 300rpm...

I will try to find some time this week-end to investigate.

The car started yesterday !

With this config :

The log :

Idle is not stable but it runs... I have read a lot but since it is the first EU I set up, any advise about work to do now is welcome.