In my quest to understand further and update my VEMS config, I had been searching for a USB scope for monitoring triggers and outputs

I recently came across a low cost (169 us dollars) USB 2 channel scope with 16 channel logic analyzer.

I've hard wired in two ribbon connectors to the VEMS board to pull out the following signals

All injector Channels (6 + Boost PWM & VANOS)

6 Coil Outputs

Primary Trigger (Hall)

Cam Trigger (Hall)

Except for the two input triggers, my connections were made at the gate of the FETS. This allows you to use a common ground reference and limits any voltage spikes. (The unit can only handle +/- 20v)

Q: Could you use any of the scope inputs on the FET outputs to see what the actual voltage spikes are? /Mattias

For those who have VR triggers, you could simply get the logic value of the wave by picking a point a little deeper in the circuit.

Initial tests have been perfect, although they have brought up questions of my current config (which is the point!)

My goal is to use the analyzer to get the car running full sequential

Here is a picture of the unit - ,


And my first graph output