Honda delSol (92-95 CRX) install documentation:

Most of this applies to any 1992-1995 US Civic or Integra


1993 delSol "S" model

B18B non-VTEC from 1994 Integra LS

Coil on plug from Ford F150

Stock distributor retained only for VR sensors

Stock ECU pinout:

A1 - INJ1EC36-7
A2 - INJ4EC36-20
A3 - INJ2EC36-19
A4 - VTEC Solenoid (if equipped) 
A5 - INJ3EC36-8
A6 - O2 Heater Control (Wideband replaces this)
A9 - Idle Air ControlEC36-3
A12 - Cooling FanEC36-
A13 - Check Engine Light why not connect a P259 output ? (active if <500 RPM)
A15 - A/C Clutch 
A16 - Alternator 
A17 - Air Bypass Solenoid (GSR Engine) 
A20 - Evap Purge Control Solenoid 
A21 - Ignition Signal (input to coil) EC36-34
A23,24 - GNDEC36-26
A25 - Switched +12EC36-25
A26 - AGNDEC36-5
B1 - Switched +12 
B2 - AGNDEC36-21
B5 - A/C Pressure Switch 
B9 - Constant power 
B10 - Vehicle Speed Sensor 
B11 - Cyl position sensor + 
B12 - Cyl position sensor - 
B13 - TDC sensor +EC36-13
B14 - TDC sensor -EC36-32
B15 - Crank position sensor +EC36-27
B16 - Crank position sensor -EC36-32
D1 - Constant Power 
D2 - Brake Switch 
D3 - Knock SensorSeperate Header on Board
D4 - Service Check Connector 
D6 - VTEC Pressure Switch 
D7 - TX/RX Data Link Connector 
D9 - Alternator 
D10 - Electrical Load Detector (USA Only) 
D11 - TPS SensorEC36-1
D13 - CLT (Coolant Temp)EC36-14
D14 - O2 Sensor signalUnused with Wideband
D15 - Intake Air TempEC36-2
D17 - MAP sensoron-board
D19 - +5V for Sensors (MAP)unused
D20 - +5V for Sensors (TPS)to TPS
D21 - GND for Sensors (MAP)unused
D22 - GND for Sensors (TPS, CLT, IAC, O2)EC36-32

The following settings are on a stock B18B with no modifications. The only changes are intake and cat-back exhaust. The Honda wiring harness is used, as is the stock distributor. Only wires added were flyback wire and a wideband sub-harness.

Was the VR sensor polarity verified for falling-edge detection ? If the factory senses rising edge, than the connection must be done reverse.

Here is the current data/settings:

Datalog from 07oct2006: