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Personal car:


My brother's car that is going turbo


A rally/hillclimb car I installed and take care of


1988 Mazda RX7 Turbo

Here is a picture of the crank angle sensor: Notice the 24 tooth wheel at the bottom(crank position) and the 2 tooth wheel at the top(of the Z axis). The 2 tooth wheel is the crank TDC (home position) for Rotor 1. This assembly turns at 1/2 crank speed like a distributor would hence it's 30 degrees of crank rotation per pulse with a seperate pulse for home position.


As for the coils, the Haltech guys use 4.5 - 5ms dwell time on the stock coils, so I figure I'll start there. The split trailing should be fairly easy. Although it will most likely require firmware changes (#ifdef ROTARY).

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I am starting to prepare for the install into my RX7. Here is a pic of a board with the way I populated the components. I describe below the pic.


A = Rotor 1, primary Injector

B = Rotor 2, primary Injector

C = Rotor 1, secondary Injector

D = Rotor 2, secondary Injector

WB = Wideband switch of course

L = Wastespark coil for leading (bottom) sparkplugs

T1 = Coil driver for trailing (top) plug on rotor 1

T2 = Coil driver for trailing (top) plug on rotor 2

I'll be using both VR inputs for the above sensor, knock eventually... any additional suggestions?

Q: Where is the switch for the fan relay on v3? I don't see it on the EC pinout.

pick one (and we should definitely have some standard, so check the sch and check the code; code is quite flexible, eg. mik uses an ign259 channel, because he started his engine before he had TPIC6A259DW chip).

Q: What is recommended to use for the transient supression diode near the power supply?

U$5 is 1K5E18 or 22 (18 or 22V) throughole transient suppression diode, it's legs are very thick. It's in the rescue kit for some time now. Not a big problem if you don't mount it.

Q: Is there a predetermined use for JP1 (SDA/SCL) or are they free outputs? I'm trying to determine what pins to bring out to an external connector for future use.

A: These are free, they are wired to the I2C pins of the MCU and there is lots of useful I2C devices.

WBO2 test/setup

Here's the config on my controller now (this was used to make the wbo2logs posted)






















Measured values:

  • If the IN+ (pin3) is about 4V, and OUT (pin1) is close to +power (eg. 10..11V) than too much current is drawn by something loading pump-. You can make the 270 Ohm resistor (pin1 -> pin2) smaller but it worths to check where the current goes.

Solution: Put the 270 ohm resistor on the board. Works wonders. ;-) The GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorConnection page was misleading (saying they are all auto-placed) so I changed it for that component since all boards I have in stock are missing that R.

Here is a log I took tonight of a full warm-up. Any comments on this? (it's still greek to me)

This is broken!!

The documentation is lacking on finalizing the setup of the wbo2, so I hope changing that will help solving my own problems.