I have a 1967 Chevy C10 pickup which I would like to convert to electronic fuel injection.


The engine in question is a 292 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder -- a somewhat rare motor.


VEMS or MegaSquirt?

My decision to use VEMS over MegaSquirt is twofold:

O2 sensor bung installed

A few days ago I received my bung and O2 sensor from summit, and I just had it installed at a muffler shop. They charged me $45 for installation, which seems a bit on the steep side, but I was so excited about finally getting this project off the ground that I didn't care. Unfortunately my camera is on the fritz, so no pictures (yet).

My carburetor has an idle circuit mixture adjustment screw, and I was able to confirm that a rich mixture reads near 0.8 volts, and a lean mixture reads near 0.2 volts.


As there was no version of this engine (that I am aware of) which came with fuel injection, there is no existing manifold which supports port injection.

There is the option of purchasing a performance manifold which can mount a 4 bbl carburetor, onto which a tbi assembly could be mounted. However, I have no desire to spend $300 on an intake manifold.

I will be taking a welding course in march (8 weeks from now), at which point I will be able to fabricate my own manifold. This will tie nicely into a book I am reading, "The scientific design of intake and exhaust systems". My plan is to make a tuned intake for optimum highway efficiency.

Use existing manifold?

Well, it turns out that 1bbl fuel injection throttle bodies do exist, which means I may be able to get this project off the ground using my existing manifold.

According to the [wikipedia page on the iron duke], the GM 2.5L inline 4 was fitted with a single injector 1bbl throttle body which had many applications in the 1980's.

At first glance, the mounting gaskets appear to indicate this may be a simple bolt-on solution:



Time to hit up the junk yards and get my hands on one so I can take some measurements.


I have posted to a fiero forum (one of the applications for the fuel injected iron duke), and it looks like this single barrel tbi unit is not a simple bolt-in solution:

Post Injection Vaporization

started a page (PostInjectionVaporization) to discuss implementing this.


A short list of parts links for my own benefit.