Current running affairs:

Is anybody running dual mapping with succes? Is it possible/reliable to switch (ignition and injection) mapping during driving triggered by an external switch?

I will run petrol controlled by VEMS and LPG controlled by the original LPG ECU

For this I want Vems to have dual:

All actuated by an external switch and possible to switch back and forth during driving.

A smooth transition between different fuels is taken care of by the LPG ECU. Both tunes won't be that far off so it can cause engine damage given that the switch is not done at full throttle and high temperatures.

I have lpg/petrol on dual config. When i had relay for switching power supply for lpg/gasolin injectors, then on WOT i have one-two misfire during switching(relay is slow). With mosfet switch i don't have misfire when switching petrol/lpg.

Tested od 1.1.42, 1.1.47v2, 1.1.50, 1.1.51, 1.1.52