Remember to publish battery calibration so we know AREF (287 or 256) for proper temperature table selection (that also precise at very low temp)

I downloaded EasyTherm and filled in my three reference points:



See EasyTherm cltfactor_2400_287.hex and airXfactor_2252_287.hex seems close (for above data) that can be applied to vems.hex with hexpatch.exe (that upload the patched vems.hex and there you go!).

No need to change MegaTune.

For best result, do the battery calibration

until your battery reading is very close to your DVM measurement (like 12.4 V); and publish the related config variable.


It seems to be working now but clt is slightly off. My batt calibration is 163. Atleast that's the value where megatune shows the same value as my multimeter.