I put EC36pin15 to my fuelpump relay. I tested it, with manual power switched to it. This worked and the fuelpump was running. Now I have to configure the AVR to run it. In "Extra\Waterpump, Fan, Fuel pump" I set the following parameters:

Now I need to chose a Fuelpump Driver and Channel.

GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table suggests EC36pin15 is P259 channel 5. If you don't have any output configured to this channel, you can manually switch it on / off with mdhd7 / mdh57 menucommands (to test it).

Select P259 channel 5 (not i5, as that will invert the output!) in megatune or apply


in your etc/config.txt

'9 April 2006'

I've tried the instructions above but no activity is measured at EC36pin15.

Is my genboard not working or are there any other faillures that can cause this malfunction??