- 60-2 VR-Trigger

- 480cc High-impendance injectors (4 pieces)

- standard-knock-sensor (Bosch-one)

- standard-tb-sensor

- standard coolant and air-tempsensors

- standard idle-controller (stepper-motor)

- Bosch-Wideband O2 directly connected to VEMS

- EGT-sensor mounted in costummade exhaust-manifold

- internal 300 kpa sensor

- exhaust-bypassvalve the the last DIY-exhaust-silencer, controlled with 3-way-valve and vacuum

Boost control

driving the turbowastegate over 3-way-valve or manual boost-controller-valve.

Will have a look, what's easier and goes better :)

Electronic boostcontrol gives you better control, better drivability (by TPS-downscale of boost-target) and lower lag-time.

With more logged information, and with the asymetric control alg as option, tuning it is getting easier (it was hard before).

Ignition transformers

double-ignition-coil (wasted spark?)

but also coil-on-plug-type (what type ? needs logic-level or power outputs?)

my answer: yes, it's wasted spark-coil, but the complete module sit on the sparks. But inside the module there are only 2 coils, not 4. Have do drive the coils with power-outputs.


any detailed plan on this ?

my answer: I drove the waterinjection on the last project. I think I was a 230cc/min nozzle, with 12V 10 bar pump.

Have to calulate, when I have to start with water-injection (I think at about 15 PSI of boost + which RPM?!... Have to calculate it).