My name is James Perakis and I am the owner of JPSmotorsport located in Athens , Greece (established in 1999)

I am looking forward to be the VEMS dealer in Greece . As a demo car I am now preparing a Peugeot 106 (NFX) 16V

In a few days (once we have done 3000km) we will take it to the dyno to see the results . Once we have done that we will install a VEMS ECU and we will go to the dyno so we can see the full potentials and the gains from the management.

I am going to install the VEMS harness and also use the VAG COP's from VEMS.

But I will use the NOLOGY POWERCORE which is a plug and play for the AUDI.

I have started also a base map for the Peugeot using the MegaTune program (from a mail it seemed you use VemsTune). I am really amazed.