[MembersPage/PhatBob] How many connections do the wires have? Can you get hold of the wiring schematic for the installation that has these coils as this makes working out the connection a hell of a lot easier.

I guess this is what you mean: [wiring] [coil_1] [coil_2] [coil_3] Resistance measured: primary coil: 0.7 Ohm; secondary: 7 kOhm. There are 3 connections on each COP. Weight ?

COP "specification" : [Data sheet]. It looks like a standard transformer that can be driven with the ECM power stage (ignition IGBT).

These look like very standard transformers that need 1 IGBT each to be driven. If they are good for inductive ignition app, GenBoard can drive them.

Dwell and CDI / inductive compatibility - like compatible with either

See DummyIgnition, DwellControlIgnition).

Things that suggest it is good for inductive too:

COP "datasheet" text creates confusion

The "activation=BIP142" line is very confusing. It might just be a recommendation to drive with. If there is a BIP142 inside, other lines (like the primary resistance=0.55 Ohm) becomes confusing. Also note that this "datasheet" contains no pinout. A proper datasheet with pinout and some voltage diagrams would clear it all up. I think it should be safe to start to drive it hard with IGBT, with 2.5msec dwell, (with max 1.5 mm secondary gap, of course, not open!) and see the result, increase dwell to 3msec and beyond if necessary.

Got the [pinout] diagram, but saddly no voltage diagramms available.

Summary: "activation=BIP142" (from coil manufacturer quotation) means: its a description for tripple-Darlington, which is installed in this car. This also means that the coil works with inductive ignition too, not just CDI (good!).