What we have at the moment is: BMW 325iX with stock M20B25 (inline 6 cyl) engine planned to be turbocharged, but before it the GenBoard v3.x should take its place on the car.

As I am not an electronics expert, any help from others who have successfuly managed to install Genboard on their cars will be appreciated!

As we have a spare engine, while studying / installing Genboard these changes will be made on it and later it will be installed on the car in the place of the stock engine:

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Received GenBoard some time ago. Finally managed to work on it last weekend.

Firmware is uploaded. First tests have been done outside the car: managed to get MAP and coolant temperature readings. Next step will be installation of genboard inside the car and wirig all the sensors, injectors (still on their way) and COPs. Now searching for POT style TPS.

Ignition outputs

Have ignition option 6+2 and planning to use COPs. (ignch4 and ignch5 are logiclevel, will not be used)

Firing order 1 5 3 6 2 4

While any wiring can be supported via the ign-sequence h[2], this ign mapping wiring is superior, because easy to remember and LEDs look good on table-test:

h[2]=70 60 30 20 10 00 xx xx

While you do the wiring only once, and the crank and cam stays that way forever on that engine anyway.

Trigger configuration. 60-2 crankwheel VR

Crank primary trigger configuration(VR).

TODO: determine trigger position. YES, count teeth from tooth 0 (that comes after missing) to cylN TDC !!!. Tooth0 might be 10 tooth (60 crankdegrees) before TDC cyl1, but who knows ? Why don't you check ?

You can also start by finding a similar config and copying here. Do your adjustments that you think suitable (take notes of where you have the info), and ask for review.

Secondary (VR? Are you sure ? How are we sure it's VR? Measured ohm in both direction ? result ?? )

Any info about trigger configuration in this case would be good. Have read vems manual, more specific info on configuration in my case (using primary and secondary trigger) - would be nice.

Start to describe the trigger on your engine. Make sure to take note of the information source. Know (from ...) vs. verified (by checking ...).

so far found info about triggers

You likely want to use 1.1.18 or newer, see GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges for config hints. Please EXAMINE THESE carefully ( 1.send them to ECU. and match them to MT values using global.h texts)

^^ trigger configuration above ^^

Send the above (you upload an initial config anyway!) up to ECU. In MegaTune 2.25b654 you will see and verify the values.

To some questions i have found answers in VEMS manuals [1] and [2] but it would be nice if somebody could confirm, that I am thinking in the right direction.

Primary trigger settings (Settings > Primary trigger settings)

The above settings determine all these, except trigger_tooth that cannot be determined, since you provided no info about your trigger position.

Here is a screen shot where you can see about what values I would appreciate help [3]

TODO: determine trigger position. YES, count teeth .... see above. We cannot tell you how to set this without you telling us the trigger position first. Likely trigger_tooth=00 and ign_tdcdelay=78 (60 degrees) but why don't you tell for sure ?

Secondary trigger settings (Settings > Secondary trigger / cam sync settings)


Links to similar engines