1. I can't find a page/diagram for assembling my Genboard, where can I find it?
    1. Most of it is done when shipped. is the best place to start as far as I know. The is starting to get filled in quite well, so be sure to check that out too.
    2. I've read through those pages, and my understanding is that the only things I need to add to my genboard are the FET's, IGBT's, and MAP sensor. If I plan on using the connections in the above table (thanks for the help filling it in!) where do I solder the parts? I've found holes for the MAP sensor, but which way is it inserted? One pin has a notch, is that pin1?
      1. Try this: [ Output Diagram] I just made it and uploaded it. Not great because I was in a hurry, but should suffice for now. Also for the MAP sensor, you're right. The notch is pin1. Pins 1,2,3 on the board are the pads with traces attached to them.
    3. Thanks for the diagram, exactly what I needed. Do the FET's and IGBT's have a pin1? yes, pinout is GDS (gate, drain, source).
Which way are they oriented? this way. Actually, every component has a datasheet, it's often helpful to check that if in doubt.

I assume they need a heat sink? FETs dissipate very little heat, but IGBTs dissipate more, especially with a distributor setup.

Do you stick it to a piece of aluminum or something? the IGBTs need to be insulated from the heatsink.

Anything else I should know? Hey, at least I know how to solder :)

  1. Found this [Here]so I soldered them like this my_genboard_bottom.jpg
  1. My stock ignition is a Bosch Coilpack (part# F6000-51838?) I'm pretty sure it has dwell control. Which genboard outputs do I use, how do I assemble my Genboard for this?
    1. I'm not sure on the coilpack dwell control, but drive00, 01, and 02 will work fine. Actually drive_00 through drive_07... just pick 3 you like. ;-) If your coilpack doesn't do dwell, it's really easy to control via Genboard.
  2. I've got 2 weeks off starting tomorrow (Jul16), and having my car running with genboard is my vacation project!
    1. Being organized is key. Don't rush it just to get done. You got your board already? I'm impressed! I just sent it on the 13th.