Q. I believe that using long duration cams and fairly short inlet tracts makes MAP readings erratic. Is this indeed the case and if so can I use the TPS for load reading ?

Yes, alpha-n is supported. I think digital averaging (suitable analog filter might decrease MAP speed) of MAP would help. Speed-density is really superior to alpha-n. As long as the WBO2 works perfectly (sensor said to wear after 120000km, we have no good own statistics though), should be little difference though...

hi, my project is an Alfasud Sprint competition car, to be used in hillclimbs and sprints. The engine is

Target power is 200 bhp and 9000rpm. It is normally aspirated and breathes through 4 Jenvey 45mm tapered throttle bodies. I am almost convinced that a genboard is the way to go but am a bit worried that I might not be capable of getting it up and running as I have no electronic or programming experience and am in fact barely computer literate! Obviously the easiest solution would be to buy a plug and play unit but if I had wanted it easy I wouldn't have started modifying the Alfa engine in the first place but picked a Ford or Vauxhal instead, where I could have bought everything tried and tested off the shelf. With the Alfa everything has to be either custom made or adapted from other engines, which ties in nicely with the spirit of VEMS! Any comments, suggestions, or encouragement gratefully accepted before I take the plunge and order a board and all the other bits and bobs that I'll need.

Trigger arrangement

Do you have any information on crankwheel trigger ? VR / HALL ? How many teeth ?

Is cam-trigger necessary / available ? If yes, what type ?