VEMS V3 ECU order ID: 12478, serial nr.: 14023

Letís make things clear. The wiring diagram never reached Ńkos KovŠcs. I didnít lose it, you forgot to attach it to the box. For a product like this, it would be expected to have a correct wiring diagram, and I shouldnít be the one to blame. Iíve been installing systems for 20 years, that you can ask from Dyno or any other well-known Mercedes, they will surely know me. If you need me to, Iíll link a few cars, so you wonít have doubts regarding my professionalism. Send me an address, and Iíll pack and return this system. You can measure it all you want; Iíd like to have it returned to me with a correct wiring diagram. Iíll send the courier whenever you say youíre ready. I have attached the data from the Mercedes, but I donít understand why is it important after youíve built the system, and not before you did. Iíd like to underline it once more, that this problem is due to your deficiency, and not from my fault, so please, address your attitude regarding to this.

dv:Hrabovszki MihŠly