I'll install VEMS V3.3 in a AE86

Q. is it possible to drive all four injectors (They are 1 ohm each) with one or two inj-Fet's? And will it be possible to use serie resistor and transient suppressor diode then?

MembersPage/PhatBob - I'd advise you not to bother. The wire on all the AE86 harnesses I've seen are oxidized, the wires to the sensors on the distributor are not shielded so its almost impossible to get a clean trigger signal (We tried over a period of months to do this). And the injectors are batch wired.

By the time you run new wires to the distributor, new wires and a resistor pack to the injectors, wires to the ignition coil, new ground wires from the VEMS to the injection manifold. You are only a few sensors away from a complete harness.

For all the Toyota people in the UK I recommend a VEMS, V3 Harness, Raw Pulley kit and coil packs - and it works everytime!

Also the 4A-GE really comes alive with the Raw Engineering 36-1 trigger kit and wasted spark coils from the Mitsubishi Evo4, we have a large number of cars running this setup at the moment and doing well in competition

I also made a new loom for the AE86 i made, tryed to run the20v trigger,but gave up as i had some small misfire,so when i turboŽed the engine,i put on a 36-1 wheel, then it was all well.