Q: What is the best flyback-solution for small low-Z injectors, 1,5-2,2Ohm ~150cc.. should I use inline resistors or chance diodes.. in this case I'm not interested in idle, I just need to get max posible power/speed from this little engine?

A: Series resistors make it possible to use the transient suppressor diode mod for lowz injectors. To my suprise the series resistors themself improve the injector control significantly, but the real reason is to be able to use the transient suppressor mod.

Even if the idle headroom increase significantly with these modification and large injectors I do it for an other reason. The VE table suddenly becomes almost entierly flat after the injector is properly controlled, this makes it very very easy to map the engine.

With 150cc injectors the pulsewidths will be very long at all loads and the above modifications will not be as noticed as with 400-1600cc injectors. But I still recommend the series resistors and the transient suppressor diode mod as it will simplify the mapping procedure significantly. -Jörgen Karlsson

Q: If I then use 6,8Ohm's resistors and a transient suppressor diode: