Volvo 740 Turbo 1987

My friend bought this in the winter -08, in belvive that it was almosut a key turn car. But the seller hade miss to inform that the car had a fire inside the engine compartment and pretty mutch of the wiring was damaged. And they have tryed to move the stock trigger from the flywheel to the cranck whell, they just welded a peg and then the tryed to trigg. Do i have to say that it didīt work very well.

So i told him to buy a vems and then i can install and get the car working.




Engine spec:

Volvo b230ET whith FT-rodds

Mahle 96,5mm pistons

Ported 531 head

VX3 cam

465cc injectors "968"

Plans and goals

This engine is goint to taste 1-1,3 bar of boost and hopefully produce around 300hp. The trigger system on this one is the really simpel one with only 2 triggers per 360 degreds, and we are keeping the stock distributor, so we are keeping it simple.