I have (or might not have) a problem when running fully sequentiel fuel and ignition.

When I rev the engine up fast from idle I get a trigger error (sec trig pos bad). When I rev the engine slowly (openning the throttle slowly) i get no errors. I noticed that the v3 records the secondary trigger in different positions, depending on the engine speed. Watch the secondary trigger gauge in the log file and you will see. The secondary trigger is mounted on the intake cam, with only one tooth on the wheel.

The engine is running fine even though i get the trigger error.
  • we reproduced (placed sectrig in play trigger to see similar sectrig position as in this vemslog).
  • The cam position is more than 13 crankdeg away from tooth0 (the tooth after the gap) so no worries.
  • The occasional "sectrig-pos-bad" trigger-error seems to appear at sudden RPM-changes, it is harmless (assuming action is set to "just show")
  • sectrig_min_angle = 0,sectrig_max_angle = 360
  • sectrig pos around ~15-~27
  • first tigger tooth = 3
  • TDC after the trigger = 66
  • In trigger_play_dialog I set sec_trig_pos to 25, sec trig position was ~21 in a gauge
  • vvti_measure_tooth=0 so sectrig pos=21 means half-tooth before the tooth before the "missing gap"