Itīs been brought to my attention that

VemsTune is being programmed on a wxWindows multiplatform programming interface? yes

Why is it not being programmed for MS Windows only?

Because it's better to use more advanced, portable technology. Unportable lock-in technology totally kills customer choice, and therefore is unacceptable.

Also, GenBoard/LoggerIntegration/DedicatedLogger/PDA was chosen to use the same underlying codebase.

Non-portable lockin would not solve the existing stability issues, actually it would make more constraints on debugging as well.

I know everybody would like to see it working properly.

Itīs being programmed with a portable, no-lockin toolkit (not really a "platform").

I suggest this is taken a look at

As well as with MS Visual Studio you can have automated web deployment when the software would get upgraded.

If this user interface isnīt taken more seriously the

unit as well looks bad and hurts sales. That defeats the whole purpose of the system.


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Problems with Vemstune.

Iīve been having problems with vemstune and itīs disconnecting from the ecu. There is absolutely no problem with using megatune, so it has to be the vemstune program

Two things happen within 5minutes of starting the program

  1. 1. complete disconnection, no reconnection unless: program restart, ecu is "detected"
  2. 2. Gauges become scrampled and tables become corrupted. While the vems lcd shows no signs of corruption despite what the gauges say.

Attempted resolutions:

  1. 1. Com port buffer changed in any way
  2. 2. Various com ports tested
  3. 3. Different USB connections
  4. 4. Vemstune has been patched to run on one processor
  5. 5. Different protocols selected and tested, different timeouts tested.

I also tested using the vemstune-c program, and it seems to hold out up to 10minutes.

Here are related information when using the vemstune-c program




Gunnar Reynisson