This page is a compilation of information I have found regarding the operations of single variable vanos using two solenoids as used by BMW in the S50B30 engine as well as the most comprehensive single file I have found regarding Vanos found online.

V3 recommendations

To control both intake and exhaust cam with the BMW Vanos mode (not the suzuki-PWM mode) 2 solenoids for each (4 outputs total), 1.1.93 fw required, see [VT help]

A further question on variable vanos. Is there a possibility for a multiplexer that could have more outputs and possibly control QUAD vanos?

2+2 outputs for the double Vanos

Firmware request

Single variable vanos S50B30

This would be the only way currently to monitor this engine without modifying the hardware of the engine.

Triggerlog is needed so we can implement (and test!) it.

To note about the S50B30. The camsync signal occurs around 340-365deg, this signal doesnīt move with vanos but the ecu is reporting it wandering a bit. The VEMS ecu obviously doesnīt like it when the camsync crosses the CONFIGURED "measure-tooth"

  • That didnīt work, when more then 0th tooth was choosed sec trig never seen.

Another suggestion is to be allowed to pin point where in a 0-360 deg window the camsync should be and ignore all other teeth, before and after the camsync window (much like the knock window). This is what the Sectrig min angle and max angles should be doing.

Alpha-N question : I have Alpha-N setup and the Cursor always hovers around 100kpa unless boosting. I thought this would work same way as ign and lambda tables????

Success : The vanos has extremely little lag and follows target very well.

Here is a very comprehensive pdf file I found on some

chinese document website. It contains information on all of the vanos systems bmw offers.

[another insight] into Vanos.

Some pics in german of the operations of the vanos system and the amount of travel on the inlet cam.

I donīt understand german so somebody else will have to make sense of these images and the information.









Some old info: MembersPage/JasonVoytilla/BMW/Vanos

Added link to original bin file from the vanos controller

This is a bin file, map is located at 0x2800

and is 16*16, axis at 0x2810 and 0x2820 However if somebody wants to spend time decompiling this then everything about the control should be optainable.

Code is only about 8k out of the 32kb chip.

It seems that the tooth gears have equally spaced 8 teeth.

which means each tooth and gap make up 45degrees out of 360.

The alteration is max 42degrees of crank angle, while each tooth and gap is therefor 90degrees crank angle.

Iīd imagine the rising edge of one gear(exhaust) to be leading against the adjustable gear (intake). So difference between both cams can be monitored 8times a cycle. I.e measuring the rising edge on the exhaust and note the crank angle, then wait for the intake cam rising edge and note the crank angle.

It seems the solenoids work in simple fashion,

Open Solenoid 1 and the intake advances, Open the other and it retards.

The cam canīt move when both solenoids are closed so it stays in a fixed position.

The engine has 4 sensors

Crank sensor 60-2

Cam sensor TDC , one point (this is then not on the S50B32)

Intake cam sensor ,

Exhaust cam sensor ,

Iīll measure the solenoids resistance and report.

Fero measured 4 Ohm.