BMW M3 E36

(previously tuned by DA motorsport - unsuccesful)

Dont mind the dirt and the rust, its still in major work process...




curent MSQ and log a few engine crashes at 2500 rpm hence the 3.01ms dwell, at 1ms runs but i doubt the spark is good at 1.2bar boost...

[Solved all that now - engine runs flawlessly]

Progress report:

After several hard pulls at spikeing pressures, new problem was found, in terms of a small wastegate :( it is a 38mm Turbosmart unit, that should hold 0.8bar but had several spikes at 1.6-7 bar and still haveing problems with misfire :)

Flashed with 1.0.73 final, uploaded default config and setted up again, with 2.5ms dwell and RUNNING :P

Test driver could not behave himself, and pushed it to the 2bar for several laps on Miseluk (track in Novi Sad) after a while head gasket blown, water everywhere, spark plugs destroyed etc.

Engine opened waiting for new gasket and colder plugs. We were running on ngk pkr7a plugs now thinking about Denso IXU 24 or 27

But before all that new wastegate must be found and that could be a poblem in Serbia. We searched up and down, and found nothing bigger that 38mm.... If someone could help with acquiring some quality wastegate (Tial or turbosmart) please contact me on gumetina@sezampro.yu


... more to come

Genboard v3.3 1.1.26 firmware


Special thanks to Jason Voytilla for His msq file :) it helped me start it... [and reach 300km/h]

Jay is the King :)