Trigger Notes

Create your own trigger for me to generate

I have an aglilent arbitrary function generator

changing signals is very easy for me and you. If download the intuilink software from Agilent you can create a waveform and send it to MembersPage/GrmRacer. The software can be downloaded


I would provide a link for an example if I could remember how to log into the filethigie

Finally after much trying I with the help of MembersPage/Jorgen? and MembersPage/Marcell? got the trigger working to simulate a 60-2 VAG wheel using an arbitrary waveform generator.

Setting up the waveform requires

57 sinewave periods of frequency(f) and 1 period of sinewave with frequency(f/2).

think of it as

57 pulses from the trigger teeth and on pule from the missing tooth.

I also tried using a cosine version of this with the missing tooth trigger inverted both worked fine. To help with the reverse polarity question

Source 50Ohm siggen into VEMS trigger1.

Reliably triggered from ~ 0.2Vpp to 5Vpp @ 10hz (588RPM)

had 4 errors in about 30 min.

Limp home mode fires ONE coil only, but cycles thru the fuel injectors.