All circuits inspired by VehicleWiring?

I just thought it would be nice to see each circuit individually

WOT stuff


Mcell and all Do I get this mod? or will I have to put a door buzzer under the gas pedal?

Wake up, it's MS-AVR land...

I made the mod: activate by defining eg. WOT_OUTPUT_TPS_THRESHOLD=220

in my_make and you will have the fidle (on v2, look for actuators.c for v3) turned on above 220/255 of the engine.tps (if you set tps_low, tps_high correctly).

Excellent! Nothing like a quick and efficient response..

I'll post my_make and config.txt soon.

and expect major rewrites of these pages after the race. Detailing just how to do this stuff.. on a circuit by circuit basis.

Thanks AGAIN!!!

How to wire up the FI's


The DummyIgnition setup


The Analog sensors


Proposed wiring for Chris's injectors V8 application


Hey Brian,

Just saw this and thought I would ask about the reasoning behind the suggested wiring change. Are you thinking that the reduced load of the series wiring might help with my board problems? Let me know what you think(or anyone else with ideas) For those who dont know I am having trouble with one of my injector circuits quiting for some reason, and I am trying to work through it.