The Genboard V3.x can support a wide variety of Fuel/Ingnition/boost/race/street applications. With such a capable design many wonder will it work for me? Yes within reason. Please be aware that the Genboard configuration is a bit more complicated than a basic MS fueling only board, or even MSNS setups. To assist the end user this intro guide shows some basic configurations and links to what you need to do to get them setup.

MembersPage/GrmRacer has installed a v2.2 in an ITB 4clyn car and is working on installing a v3.2 in that same car. This will be the first covered installation.

Basic Setup - Naturally Aspirated

[Current] Configuration

If you bought a partially assembled Genboard see: StepByStepGuide

If you have a fully assembled version see: SetupV?3Assembled

Basic Setup - Forced Induction