Also look at algorithm page: MembersPage/GoranJurkovic/DaewooLaNOS/VemsTCMalg

I have done the simple traction control module, well, PCB for now, based on ATmega128. It has

The primary goal is calculating wheel's speed, and putting the information to the VEMS. The secondary goal is calculating 0-60-100mph, 100-200kmph, 0-200-400-1000m, average consumption, trip times, etc...



Question: AIM protocol on VEMS doesn't have all the information. Can the AIM protocol be expanded for this information (injector time, etc)?

Nice job you have done and think a lot of people could use the idea.

I think if we should make a daughter board it should have several functions not only traction control.

The avr 128 has a lot of IO and we could them fore other functions like launce, als and so on

The commutation must be Can so we can send and resave informationís between the two boards also Can is the future if we some day should tray to control cars newer then 2000

I have no idea haw difficult it is to make the code but worth to consider

Tnx Peter


ATmega128 is compatible with AT90CAN128, so you could solder it to this board... This PCB is really universal type as you can see, it has connectors for 7x A/D inputs, 7x 0.5A capable outputs, 8x expansion/digital IO, 8x expansion digital inputs (for TWI, CAN, second UART, etc), SPI port, UART port, 4x20 LCD interface..

The only problem is protocol how could I interface this board to the VEMS