More about Idle algorithm and VEMS:

I was looking for this but I couldn't found it...

Newer cars with air conditioning compressor has 2 speed fans

Also A/C has MAP sensor for monitoring pressure inside the A/C system.

MembersPage/MarcellGal/PowerAndTraction/AirConditioner has 3 fan speeds, wether which node of the 2 series power-resistors get +12V supply.

The low-speed gets on whenever the AC clutch is engaged.

So the ECU need not be involved at all to achieve this multi-speed fancontrol. Maybe make some more detailed plan with exact ECU output functions.

VEMS firmware ability for related control


Consider the above and drop or restructure this.

Instead of a short-story, split to sections, relay outputs listed 1-by-1, as on MembersPage/MarcellGal/PowerAndTraction/AirConditioner

Than list necessary ECU output functions. The ECU should not need more than

So you must have 2 stage cooling fan outputs like first stage on 94 degrees and second stage (fast speed) on 97 degres of CTS... Also first speed fans speed must be on when A/C is on and car is standing still...As a rule the fan is NOT on until the refrigerant PSI is over a set point. Most have a switch that will turn on the fan by them self and will also shut down the compressor if the refrigerant PSI is too low. (in case of a leak). but some very old systems are dumb and missing the PSI fan switch

So, you think that this could be inserted in VEMS? It's not a problem to me to make another piggyback with AVR to controls fans speeds and A/C (as I got one now on C51 because motronic is moronic), but the point is to have ECU that would replace standard ECU, that controls almost anything on newer cars (well if the daewoo lanos 2001 make is reference ;D :D )...

Motronic is not the best reference... It's pretty old... ;D It doesn't control fan LOL, but it does have A/C in switch, that rise idle rpm as you turn on the A/C... But it doesn't have rpm switch... ::) :'(

Well, I could help development team to extend this... ::) When I get to that point... Of course... :D