Piggybacks, engine monitors and VEMS:

My question was:

Does VEMS spits all the time all the information on RS232 or you have to ask for the information?

Is the information in binary form or ascii form?

The answer:

No, you have to ask for information...

This means that you cannot have 2 monitoring devices attached... >:(

One would be carputer or laptop when megatune application is called, and the other would be some sort of engine monitoring piggyback like BC, monitoring engine cosumtion, state, etc, and displaying it on small LCD...

Is there a workaround? AVR has 2 RS232 ports... Could you make to use other port (or SPI) for connection to piggyback? Piggyback would inform VEMS about VSS and Launch, and VEMS would sendback rpm, injection time, retarding, knocking, etc... So it would finally become the most powerfull ECU that has it all... :D

This way it would get like engine consumptions (average and current), average speed, acceleration time in real time, engine monitoring, etc... As mentioned in daughter board section... :LOL:

Question: What is the usual rate for asking VEMS for the information?

Question: Isn't there a new protocol for external displays (AIM protocol)?

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