1.0.75 worked well, but did not allow table-switching during running, controlled from an input-switch ...

Dwell and ignition seems to be good with 4-1 when camsync is used. But this engine has a homemade 4-1 crankwheel, withOUT camsync.

So from 1.1.x, 1.1.58 (or newer) firmware needed, that handles this special case of very low toothcount (4-1) without camsync. We call it "camsyncpretender" as 1.1.x firmware really needs camsync inside for this low toothcount (different ignition implementation than 1.0.x).

Bad logs with 1.1.53... Idorendi sorrendbe alapjárat, emelt fordulat, menetközben(benne van a darálás is).

A hutöventillator is megbolondult teljesen ellenkezoleg vezérli a ventilátor mint a 1.0.75-ös verzió.

fan_channel=87 means INVERTED output (p259/0=EC36/4 but inverted semantics)

Select output 0 not i0