2010. Again good season! Our Latvian street tuning field is hibernated during last two years. So most of VEMS installs goes to the true race cars. E.g. about 70% of pro-class drifters chose VEMS. Including 3 podium places holders in season standings.

VEMS keep strong position in Latvian market. Mainly because of very reasonable price/performance. And of course - results. I didn't counted podiums this year - again was some tens. But we have two international champions using VEMS: in EEDC pro-drift serial and Baltic countries autocross championship 1A division. One overall winner comes also from Estonian five-round Firststop Drift cup.

General success: about 30 podium places in Latvian championships during 2009. Almost half of them - gold. Plus some podiums outside Latvia. First ever Latvian champion in drift, 2 champions in rally-sprint, one cup in supersprint!

Here is just some cars I worked on:

Various BMW V8. Also setup with ITBs. Including Latvian pro-drift champion of 2010.

2010 finally is break-out year for Subaru with VEMS. Some successive projects rised up Subaru reputation on short trucks. No matter what pavement. TypeRA? with modified well breathing, overbored engine feels really strong! Wide powerband, immediate throttle response. ALS in some setups. It is like day and night comparing to stock RA! VEMS solve reliability problems comparing to OE engine control. Melted pistons due to bad MAF or fuel delivery is very common. Each RA owner has spare MAF in the glove compartment…

One of most interesting project of 2010 was 20VT with two sequential turbo setup. Thanks to two independent boost controllers it was pleasure to tune this engine. 450hp with K24 spool rpms! Smooth torque with no any interruptions or jerking!

Nissan Skyline RB26DET For drift.

Two Nissans with RB20DET.

BMW M4. We called up so M3 E36 with S38 engine from M5 and big Holset from Scania. It gives so much power on 1bar! Way too much for RWD street car..

Completely new and different area – wood gas engine. Our first hit is Russian V12 38 liter (yes 38!) engine. Initially produced as diesel for tanks. CR 1:15 makes possible to convert it to spark ignition and wood gas. 12COPs, two DBW throttles: one as usual throttle, other one for mixture control. Throttles use own control unit what can be used for manual control over both throttles and automatic control using VEMS injector output for mixture and IAC PWM output for rpms.

In 2010 two Audi 7a with over 250Hp It looks unreachable two years ago. Now best one is close to 300!

As always - 20VT Nice one this year has some Dahlback parts, Cheap hybrid turbo, 970cc BOSCH. e85/ron98 blend 50/50. 2.4bar boost. Close to 550hp. Streetable.

Opel Astra 20XEV VEMS as replacement for old-school KMS unit.

From 2010 VEMS goes for circuit racing. First year when stand-alones allowed for most popular National class.

Until now our fastest 3L n/a dragrace car based on BMW M50. Close to 400Hp with awesome torque curve. Anyone dreaming to achieve something similar. Upd. In 2010 we have no 3L class any more. In 4000cc class this machine usually takes second place :(

Corrado 16VT. relatively low cost project. Bottom from 2E with stock pistons. It gives CR 8:1. Intake manifold cut from Audi S2 3B engine. Self made tubular exhaust manifold. Wasted spark, but fully sequential - camsync from modified stock dizzy. OEM 60-2 with Hall sender in rear crankshaft oil seal flange. t3/t4 gives to late power for street use. Migrate to smaller turbo. My first car really running on 1.1.54 Thanks for development team!!! Upd. GT28RS in 2010 :)

Many Imprezas. Pre 2000 I use 24-1. 36-1 in future. Most popular models are RA from JDM

BMW E36 M50 3L turbo. Street car. Upd: in 2011 planed to rebuilt for drift using sequential turbo setup!

Toyota AE 86. GT25 bb turbo. Fully sequential on stock 24+1 VR sensors. Active COPs from VAG driven from stepper chip. For drift. Now runs on relatively low boost level about 1bar. Car is strongly lightened. Upd 2010. Rised boost. E85 blend for safety. Now on the way for bigger turbo. Upd: in 2011 engine swap planed. 2L + Borg&Warner.

Nissan s13 with SR20DET Thanks to Rob for great assistance! Adapter harness. 24+1. Quite interesting engine for tuning.

Audi 20V n/a - my favorite field. Not because of successive engine, but even contrariwise: get 100hp/l is realy difficult. We have n/a 4wd class in our rally-sprint (similar to rally but shorter distance in special stages). And there is only two appropriate models: Audi 20V quattro or Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. About 6 Audis is tuned by me. Two using VEMS. Only one time have strange flywheel. Needs hall signal inverting (not safe solution - normally AudiTrigger? can work with no Hall signal. If inverted - no)

Update champions of season 2008 in rally-sprint.

Mazda F 1.5liter. Turbo without any changes inside engine. 0.4bar boost at max torque and even 0.7bar @ high Rpm. Not great success in figures, but was pleasure to tune. Equiped with self made 24-1-1 trigger disc inside distributor.

BMW with '99 M3 engine. It runs. But with simple 4 position VANOS control from misc outputs. 300Hp/300Nm. Now (2009) from experience - better trash out VANOS than use it with just end positions.

Audi 16V n/a. 1847cc. Headworks. exhaust cam as intake. 160Hp 200Nm. Needs better exhaust. Upd: have better exhaust. ITBs in near future.

Upd 2009: now 2L. Itbs from bike. tuned trumpet length. Gives very close to 200hp on 276cams. wait for race cams.

Upd 2010: ITBs from BMW. Oversized valves. Seems exhaust is wrong. No power gain :(

Kadett E c20xe. (my knock page object). 190Hp on stock cams. Custom intake manifold.

Upd 2009: converted to turbo. ~300Hp :)

Volvo 740 turbo. 8V engine with some improvements like big intercooler and bigger turbo. Needs better exhaustmanifold. OE is restrictive.

Upd: was builded on oldest 2.3T base. 400Nm - too much. One rod is slightly bent. need rebuild with stronger internals and CR above 1:8.

1.6L 8V VW crossflow. Successive ITBs project: wide powerband from 4500 up to 8500 and 100hp/l. Car is used in wide range of races and everywhere seems strong. Gravel, tarmac, mud. Wide powerband together with close ratio gearbox and good driver makes sense. Upd: 2010 Baltic countries autocross champion 1A division

Mithubishi Eclipse gen1. 2L turbo. 4WD. Hybrid turbo inside OE turbo housing. About 360Hp and 450Nm @1.5bar boost. Upd: 380/465. Streetable with pleasure. Fights for third place in our local drag-race. Problems with launch control. Updte: third in 2008 sesion. It is great success: both leaders had much larger budget.

Two Imprezas 2.5RS '99. Using 24-1. It will be interesting to see how engine improvements rise stock power to something over 200hp. Now ~160hp. Looks engine have big potential: short stroker, place for big valves etc.

update: with only exhaust system 20Hp gain with no any loose. Champion in 4WD class in 2009.

Mithubishi Galant 4g63 2L n/a. For same n/a 4WD class. OE optical sensor with 24&1 disc. Strange engine with huge intake ports and low power. 160hp. Optical wheel, idle stepper, OE coil pack. Crashed completely.

Few Audi20VT. Stronger is using GT3076R ball bearing, with some modified engine internals such as rods, pistons, headwork. In 2008 little over 500Hp and 600Nm in relatively wide Rpm range. Audi trigger. 1.1.27 boost control strategy.

Upd 2009 new turbo allows 1000hp. Engine allows 9000rpm. Ethanol. Currently aprox >700nm/700hp and deep transmission problems. such a broken primary g-box shaft. BTW it runs with auditrigger. 1.1.27 and 1.1.44. 1.1.5x in near future.

Upd end of 2009. Three 044 pumps with sequential switching from misc outputs, 2400cc injectors, IGN-1 coils. Week side was brand new BOSCH spark cables. No way to get spark in all plugs over 2.4bar boost. 1.1.53.

Many other Audi20VT for rally-sprint and street with different or even no modifications.

Toyota 2L 16V for rally-cross. Engine sits in VW Golf3! 60-2 alpha-n. In 2008 small head. But with some cams, ITBs and other mods engine produces about 175hp and ~225Nm in middle of very usable powerband from 3000 to 6000Rpm. It is OK for our short tracks. Big head under construction.

Upd 2009 wide 16V head. Close to 13:1 CR. Feels REALLY good!!! Perfect powerband allows high control level in race track. 1.1.44

Upd end of 2009. uphill ITBs was cause for second injector row. Some staging problems. Need some traction control on start line.

Kadett C with c20xe Deep modifications: headwork, custom made exhaust system, intake plenum with trumpets, special cams, pistons. allows very high torque about 250-260Nm in wide rpm area. About 210Hp (was not target). Alpha-N. Good on 201m. 1.1.27

LADA VFTS replica. In 2008 ~165Hp@7000 175Nm from 1.6L. CR 10.5:1 now. Must be 12:1. ITBs Wasted spark. 60-2. Needs valve springs.

Upd. In 2009 180hp achieved! Migrate to ethanol. 1.1.54

M3 S14 Sport Evo! Engine sits in BMW 1800. Modified from all sides. 60-2, camsync, 4 coils. Alpha-N. ~300Hp

Upd. Improved intake during winter 08/09. My rpm record. max power between 7500...9000 with maximum 309hp@9000. 1.1.27 and 1.1.44

Upd 2009. Custom made exhaust system allows add some more 20hp. Max power now at ~7600.

Toyota 3s-gte FWD Corolla! 36-1 no camsync. For rally-sprint. Target was good driveability. 1.1.27

Porsche 928 32Valver. COPs from Cayenne driven from stepper chip in pairs. 60-2, camsync. 8 injectors sequential. IM flap from misc1.

Upd: will be turbo may be :) 1.1.27

Jaguar Sovereign 4.2L '86 60-2. Target was achieve perfect driveability, idling, cranking. Mainly done! I use firmware with IAC reference position correction from IAT. Correction seems too small even at highest value.. 1.1.41

VW Golf2 1.6 16V For rallysprint. 60-2 in rear crank sealing flange (OE from newer Golfs) Active coilpack from Golf4. Self-made intake - trumpets, plenum, one throttle. ~11.5 CR on RON98. First 2009th race was on icy roads - so OE camshafts was used for flat torque. Anyway we get power ~150hp@ with flat, usable torque from 3000...7000rpms. First race for new engine - first place in class, and high place overall.

Upd summer camshafts allow achieve over 170hp with rpm limiter at only 7400. Four golds in four races!!! 1.1.47

Upd end 2009: Champion in 1600 class in tight fight over all season guys was spectators favourites. Just one crew from over 1600 2wd class was faster. And no one from 4WD n/a class :)

Upd: 2010 Champion in 1600 class driven by brother of 2009 champion.

Jaguar XJS V12 with two VEMS. will be alpha-N. ("both" engines runs!!!)

Upd 2009 downgrade to street camshafts and retune for speed-density. 1.1.44

Upd 2009 owner is very satisfied with results. Car have crispy throttle response, huge torque from idle, classical torque curve. Drivable with pleasure. Consumption is around 10L/100 km normal main road cruising!!

BMW e36 with M5 L6 engine HGK Motorsport drift car. works perfect. 1.1.44

Upd: car was very reliable during all season. Car was even used for our national "race of champions" where drift was also included. It is first season when drift has championship status in Latvia. It is very popular here. Often 50-60 cars in start list. Spectators, fans, shows. 1st Latvian champion in drift running on VEMS!!!

Upd 2010: some brilliant international wins in Russia, Ukraine. 2010 EEDC pro-drift serial winner Third in 2010 Latvian championship.

BMW e30 with M50 and M3 ITBs High CR on stock camshafts. Ethanol. Drift car. 1.1.44