One of my current projects is Mitsubishi Eclipse 2L 16V turbo Engine 4G63 DOHC Year 1991 US version.

Target is 350-400Hp using little bigger turbo from Evo3, forged internals, 70mm exhaust, injectors, fuel pump, intercooler....

As stock wiring harness is in good condition we use it and fabricate adapter loom from old Hyundai ECU PCB connector.

So I have two basic problems: trigger and stepper.

Here is picture of optical sensor:


On outer trace is 4 evenly distributed holes. On inner trace a longer and a shorter pulse. Is it possible to use inner trace for camsync?

Checkout MembersPage/Fero/MitsubishiEVO , there is good chance the same setup for EVO6-7-8 works for this wheel too

Another option is to use the plate manufactured by Rob? He's using it in Toyotas and Nissans, maybe compatible with this trigger as well.

I will check it. Curently we make plate which imitate 12-1 crank sensor an 1 cam pulse. Will see.

4-winding unipolar idle stepper:


Looks like a unipolar stepper. The ECU needs to control 4 signals, pull to ground.

2nd and 5th pins are 12V from main relay. Connected somewhere deep in loom. I got stepper working in terms of opening/closing from keyboard mdi command.

A: But it becomes hot because while the stepper chip pulls down one pin, the other flies to 28V (2xVBATT) which interferes with the flyback inside the stepper.

Really because of flyback energy? Stepper becomes hot at rest situation when no commands from ECU. My engine not running yet.



That is what I want. i think all four outputs must switched to 12V when no moving. How can I configure it? Is it reachable from Megatune?


if (config.iac_conf & _BV(power_off_iac)) {
			S259(DLOW, S259_STEP_EN);
			S259(DLOW, S259_STEP_A);
			S259(DLOW, S259_STEP_B);
			S259(DLOW, S259_STEP_C);
			S259(DLOW, S259_STEP_D);