Stage 2 - control ignition besides fuel

News - 2005.07.18

We had 'dynoed' the car, ignition map is almost done -excepting the loadsites we didn't dare to map because of overheating problems. I have a terrible suspicion about knocking noises now: maybe it's crankcase bearing not knocking. It's always at low (<2500) rpm with high load where my torque is definitely the biggest (now I also can see my torque graph...)


After all the car is running without motronic. GOAL! :)

/Motronic is still in place, but now only connected to idle solenoid - hopefully not for long/

Finally inj and ign is fine. Had some difficulties with trigger, first we suspected signal-sharing problems with motronic (series capacitor) but later realized that R181 (100..180k at LM1815 pin7) resistor was absent in factory v3.3 (first 30 boards. Only 2 boards were shipped without R181, emails were sent (to you too)). This caused trigger errors in higher rpm range and was depending on heat or something related to running time. After correcting that, engine was running fine.

Still has some knock (by ear), but ignition map is a freehand sketch yet. Waiting for dyno now.

Next attempt I'm going to control ignition too. -There's hardly any advantage of staying with motronic. GenBoard is ready for drive my ignition.

Factory coil and mechanical distributor is OK for the first time. When it's possible I'm going to wasted spark packs. (There's no room for COP)

I need to know 60-2 wheel's trigger position relative to TDC. Moved this section to MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/Trigger

Some additional tasks:

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