Stage 1 - Controlling injection

Due to signal split difficulties, I skipped Stage 0, and start to wire the car with this stage.



Marcell prepared an experimental 3.1 board, I had the harness already in car. We put things together and all the sensor values were fine. Started the car with motronic control, GenBoard just watching, everything still fine. Some calculations to inj timing and GenBoard started the car for the first attempt! (Ignition and IAC still to motronic). Some shot of installation: [1], [2], [3], [4]

Took a ride with car was running on GenBoard 3.1. With VE learning and EGO correction car was running at least as smooth as on its motronic (no mapping yet!). By time things went wrong. Lambda was juming up and down, car was shaking, and we couldn't map any usable values, after one and a half hour it was hard to drive the car at all. When the laptop's accu became empty and we arranged some cables Marcell felt some burning smell. Bangg, we fried GenBoard, surface of TPIC was melted. Marcell knew the cause for the first time what I didn't : ALL THE GROUNDS HAS TO BE CONNECTED ON ECONOSEAL. We have a new victim of disconnected grounds now. Wired back motronic to drive home.

Guess there's no use of running on motronic's ignition since it doesn't have a turbo map either. I may going to Stage 2 for the next attempt.


I have disassembled a harness from junkyard, not exactly the same as the original one, but it's from a '98 BMW, connectors seems usable, and have a lot of double-colored wires, relay connectors, fuse houses, etc. [Injector cables] can be used completely.


I had difficulties to live both (motronic and genboard) harnesses the same time, since there's no room to wire so much more things from engine bay to the glovebox (small hole on firewall, sealing fits). I removed sealing temporarily, this gives much larger hole in the firewall, but wires have a direct contact to somewhat sharp metal.

Since motronic has to go either in Stage 2, I decided to move the whole motronic harness and ecu to engine bay temporarily.

Genboard harness will go to the glovebox. I've checked that both motronic and econoseal connectors can be pushed over on the hole in firewall.

Had a small issue : there's a [3 pin connector] from main motronic conn. to instrument panel which is vital to work. It contains instrument panel signal (fuel consumption gauge), tacho signal, and ignition switch signal (to motronic!). I had connected ign.sw. signal, car is now running with motronic in engine bay.

Mechanical part

Electrical part