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BMW M52-M54 ECU repair :MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/BMWMFiftyFour

PT Cruiser turbo project : MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/PTCruiser

Wheelspeed experiments : MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/WheelSpeed

Assembling V3.5 board: Some pics on assembling a recent 3.5 board. MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/AssemblyThreePointFive

BMW E21 turbo project: VEMS ECU install on a BMW 320 from the '70s - M10B20 engine. MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/ETwentyOne

my M30 turbo project: building a new M30 turbo (M102) engine with GenBoard 3.3. MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/MyMThirty

Turboa's streetcar project: help a friend with M30B34 Turbo (old BMW 745i) with Genboard. MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/BigSixTurbo

Zakszi street-drag projet: BMW E30 3.5 turbo, MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/Zakszi

5Hz 'Racing' GPS applicaton : Experiments with a bluetooth GPS module with 5Hz refresh frequency (instead of standard 1Hz) - MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/RacingGPS

Flyback variations : I'm trying to get better control over big injectors - MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/FlyBack

Nitrous experiments : Plan to spool turbo with N20 injection - MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/Nitrous

Old/abandoned projects

Volvo V40 T4 : Possibilities on VEMS-ing a year 2002 Volvo V40 T4 while keeping the stock comfort... MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/VolvoTFour

SilverGTI?: Helping to Akos Sovak's GenBoard installation into his high-performance 2.0 N/A Peugeot [MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/SilverGTI]

Traction Control: Since these beasts produce 500++ Nm to the rear wheels it's a good idea to have [MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/TractionControl]

Minor project : Using of round WBO2: MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/AfreshTiny

Minor project : Pressure Sensor test: MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/PressureSensor

Minor project : Injector measurement: MembersPage/GergelyLezsak/InjectorMeasurement

You can find me on some internet forums as 'lezsi'.

My project car is a BMW E30 318i from 1984.

I bought the car wit a 325i (M20) engine with a turbo, but that's sold by now, and I'm in the building of an M30 turbo engine (from a '82 745i) continuously :)

The way I bought it:


Current state (september, 2009):


Recent dyno graph:


Article on the car in a hungarian webzine:

My own 325i old project data

Below this point you find old project data of installing GenBoard onto my original M20B25 turbo engine.

Original setup

Car outlines as I bought it:

Project plan

First goal : Achieve maximum power output from current mechanical design with reliability in the long run. Good driveability and fuel economy is also in sight. This is done by now.

Future plan : Additional mechanical improvements possible (larger injectors, big turbo, etc.)

Project stages

Design section



Megatune related

Suggestions - some of them now obsolete

I try to control EFI first and leave ignition to motronic.

Issues with this configuration:

Any suggestion is appreciated...