About the engine and current modifications:

- Engine blow up in summer 2007, but completely restored

- New Camshaft with 280

- bigger throttle (from 50mm to 54mm)

- group A Injectors

- green Twister Air filter

- Supersprint exhaust manifold, wrapped with Thermoband

- Supersprint Center pipe, 55mm outer diameter from catalyst to exhaust silencer

- IMASAF 100mm Exhaust "silencer" (it is more a loudener)

- Lightend Adjustable Vernier Cam Pulley

- 6 gear gearbox

Future TODO:

- Get the VEMS 3.3 Installed with the v3harness

- Bosch motorsport ignition with Ignition driver and Bosch knock sensor

- EGT sensor (K-type)

- Wideband O2 sensor

- MAT sensor with new Coolant sensor AMP-connector and Differential Pressure sensor (I don't know if a MAP sensor would be necessary)

And of course, to get the car run as it should with these new components :)

If someone has a running program for the 1.9 GTI PUG engine I would be very thankful, things would be than easier. Every kind of information and help is welcome. Many thanks in advace.