The car

The project car is a BMW E30 325iS with a M20 3.0 litre stroker engine and T04E turbo. The stock Motronic 1.3 system is not good enough for this application, and it has been decided to install a Genboard.

Many details will be the same as for the installation of MembersPage/GergelyLezsak.

Engine details

Some of these things are still not decided upon:


Genboard wishes and details

The assembled unit should be configured like:

Flying loom for LCD

Is the connector on the loom of type DSUB9 (female) or DB9 (male)? The LCD connector on the ECM is DB9 male (so noone stuffs RS232 to it instead of the RS232 connector that is female on the ECM ). There is often confusion as to which is male and female.

The newly proposed pinout used from GenBoard/BuildProcedures/LCDconnect.

[Here is what the display looks like]

The display used does not need negative voltage for contrast .

EGT conn


Waaay behind schedule.... Should be starting very first step of actual installation oround first week of October, 2005. Stay tuned!