The aim of my project is to install Genboard in place of the stock siemens ECU with minimal disruption to the original harness and to look as original as possible. Any additional wiring required will have a seperate 'sub loom' made. All this is required so it can be returned to stock if needs be as it is my daily driver, so can't afford to have it off the road due to any silly mistakes :)

The Car

The actual car is a 1992 Renault 19 16v Phase 2 with the 1.8 16v 'F7P' engine. Only current modification is the replacement of the cat with a straight through pipe.


The build will be built up in stages consisting of the following:

  • Initial - Straight replacement of stock ECU with no other hardware changes apart from installation of WBO2 to replace the OEM NB
  • Stage 2 - Replace distributor based system with a COP based system
  • Stage 3 - Replace stock manifold with ITB's and try staged injection


From this point I will document the current research/progress and document it as seperate sub pages.

MembersPage/GavinHarris/Sensors? - Page describing the standard renault sensors/actuators

MembersPage/GavinHarris/TriggerWheel - Documention on the stock trigger arrangement