I've assembled the PCB and upgraded the firmware.

All was well with only a 1 amp fuse needed in the power feed to pin 25.

I then fitted it to the case and clamped down the FETs and IGBTs.

The Insulating sheet was already fitted to the case when it arrived.

It blew the fuse in the feed to pin 25 as soon as I powered it up:(

I removed it from the case and the PCB is still drawing 2.5 amps.

I've not connected any coils, injectors or sensors to the ECU, just the power to pin 25, the 5 grounds and the RS232

If anyone can suggest what to check.....

Thanks :)

Normally you only need four Gnd i.e. pin 5, 21, and 32 is Power Gnd´s and pin 26 is the processor Gnd.

See this diagram

Thanks, sorted this today,main diode had gone down.

Wish that FET / IGBT layout picture was in the build manual!

Now running using the factory fitted crank trigger with setup from a Lotus Elise found on here ;)

Just need to finalise ISCV setup and do some mapping :)

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