So, this is my shoppinglist.

Please tell me if I've forgot something or misunderstood something.

  1. Genboard
  2. EGT
    1. EGT Amp
    2. K-thermocouple EGT Sensor
  3. Ignition
    1. 4x IGBT
  4. Injectors
    1. 4x FET
  5. MAP sensor
  6. Hall sensor
    1. 2 needed, one for the cam and one for the crank
  7. WBO2
    1. FET
    2. Connector
    3. Sensor
  8. LCD
  9. Knocksensor
    1. Only the processor, reuse existing sensor
  10. Box
    1. Price less if bought locally in Sweden? We didn't find a really good priced Alubos source in Sweden, so probably not.
      1. I just checked the price. [Miltronic] sells one for 19 Euro (+ VAT), so it's not much cheaper. The gaskets and plates were more expensive at miltronic though.
    2. Need VEMS special frontplate. (me2 .. the CNCd parts are the most naughty because of our machinists, both the Swedish and Hungarian).
    3. Clamping plates. (need 2)
    4. Econoseal 36PCB, EC18PCB, EC36-wire and EC18-wire (the wire ~ harness).

Also, some spare FETs.