This is the page where I try to describe putting the GenBoard into a European Nissan 200SX (called Silvia on some continents) with a CA18DET engine.

The idea is to use as many of the original sensors as I can.

The cableharness will be rebuilt, but I have problems finding the proper connectors. I will have to see which connectors I can reuse from the old harness.

The Nissan CAS and trigger system

After evaluating a beta version of the firmware code needed to control the trigger system and also taking into account the loss of triggering accuracy you get from driving the CAS by a rubber band from the crank; I think the setup needed is a crankmounted trigger wheel...

This will be mounted on the pulley where the A/C used to live.

The original looks like this (the outer circle is 360 small slots):


I suggest to split this page to several pages and make an index like on MembersPage/MarcellGal/EngineSwap, before it gets a loaf of more info.