GenBoardConfig? is a application written in [Ruby]. It's aimed towards configuring and setting up the GenBoard with minimal of fuzz. It's still early in development, but here's how I planned for it to look:

(Screenshots badly crapped, hurried at work)





If you want to check it out, please use the darcs archive. Here's how: MembersPage/FredrikJagenheim/DarcsHowto.

That looks AWESOME to me. It is great to NOT see Megasquirt at the top :). I am eagerly awaiting the completion. Keep up all posted on how it comes along. Are there plans for 3D tuning graphs for tables along with datalogging and reader? ~Chris

Thanks for the encouragement. Not sure about the tuning graphs, datalogging and such. I'm trying to make this program about configuring the GenBoard; not the actual tuning. I think this program is a bit too 'heavy handed' to be used while tuning. Look at my MembersPage/FredrikJagenheim/ScratchPad for information on Harmony, which is an idea I had for a selfcontained, bootable CD with a tuning application. The idea is to have an application which boots fast and is easy to use from a keyboard; sadly GenBoardConfig? is neither. Probably not even after I get the keyboard shortcuts in place. ~Fredrik