[Darcs] is a nifty coderevision tool similar to CVS but different in a couple of good ways.

First you need the program, this can be found if you go to the [homepage]. Personally I just had to 'emerge' it on my [gentoo] laptop. I also installed it on my windows computer, just for the sake of taking screenshots of MembersPage/FredrikJagenheim/GenBoardConfig.

I used [this link] to get a binary.

Using Darcs

Getting the repository


$ darcs get

Now you should have a directory called GenBoardConfig? which contains your branch of GenBoardConfig?.

Updating your branch


$ darcs pull -a

Pulling from

Recording a patch

After you've edited your branch, you may want to send me a patch. First, you need to record a patch:

$ darcs record

It will ask you about which patches to record. Please keep all your patches logically together. Thus, don't mix a patch regarding spelling with a patch regarding functionality. Record them seperatly.

Sending the patch

$ darcs send

Hopefully, it should send me a patch via email. Not tested yet. Will test and update this as soon as possible.

Why darcs?

Because I needed a personal replacement for CVS. After testing a couple of the new revision tools (subversion, arch, darcs, etc) I got fond of the way darcs handles files and patches.