I have a BMW 1991 520i that i really think needs more power. The plan is to use the genboard with a 1991 325 engine. The engine will hopefully be supercharged, but initially I will try to get the engine running on the genboard with all the original features, like camsync and sequential ignition.

My setup will be something like this:

6cyl, 24 valves, DOHC, non-vanos engine

BMW m50b25

Lowered compression with JE forged pistons (8.5:1)

Total seal gapless rings

ARP headstuds

MLS headgasket

m30 flywheel

stronger clutch(havent decided on this one yet)

stock crankshaft, connecting rods and heads.

EATON m90 supercharger from an american FORD supercoupe

490cc/min injectors (ACCEL)

MSD blaster ss coils

Aeromotive FPR

Walbro GSS 340 fuelpump

Vems genboard v3.2 serial 203

WBO2 heater #1

IGBT 1-6 for ignition and FET A-F for injectors: please make an exact table with EC.. pins and mdh.. testing commands to eliminate chance for misunderstanding. GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table might help.

Using modified bosch motronic casing for this so i can retain the stock wiring loom for the coils and many of the sensors. But I will use other non-stock coils and in a while when i am coming to supercharging the engine the throttlebody on the supercharger unit will be used. This all in all results in that I will have to make a seperate wiring loom for many of the components. Therefore the motronic case will also contain the Econoseal connectors, making it a rather strange casing.

My config.txt and tables.txt


Questions about setting up the Genboard