I contacted Mattias about setting up VEMS on my BMW 535 (E28) on which I have a twin turbo setup. More information here (in Swedish):

I previously ran with SMT6 but that was just crap.

Engine information

Trigger setup

The stock reference and speed sensor are not useable with VEMS as far as I know, these are mounted at the back of the engine. One measure engine speed through 360 teeth, the other syncs with the engine once every revolution. So it's kind of like a missing tooth setup - only it isn't.

The solution that will be used: Three M8 bolts will be fastened to the harmonic dampener at the front of the engine, 120 degrees apart with 8 mm protrusion. A Honeywell GT1 Hall sensor will be used to sense these.

Assembled v3.3 controller wishes

050926 - Problems of the day

SOLVED - Switched Polarity

SOLVED - fuse didnt have 100% contact whit the cabels

my config is at


We are working on a workaround to stop MegaTune trashing config - even if the board resets.