Hey fellow Vems fan.

I am currently working with an R25DET engine that has the multitooth trigger system.
The triggers on the wheel have 2 circles. outer circle has 360 holes and the inner one has 6 holes, one for each cyl.

The optical triggers detect 120 degrees and 1 degree.


Can VEMS be used with orginal nissan multitooth trigger wheel?

Basically same as InputTrigger/NissanTrigger that Fredrik Jagenheim (humming on ChatViaIrc) got running (on bench and real engine as well) but extensive tests yet to be done for the special, abnormal cases (like trigger lost at high RPM) to save the engine and ignition coils.

If you prefer well tested vs experimental, or extremely short on time:

Note that the 6 slots - with the right edge chosen - allows you to run distributor based ignition. Or, together with a 1 pulse per cam secondary trigger, it can do coil on plug too (or wasted of course).


How to change map sensor:

I have a 4.2 kPa map sensor and MT started up with an error like this:


I changed some data in the vemsv3.ini file that seemed to help
Run MegaTune -> Basic setting  -> MapRangeUnit = 4 (>510kPa )
			   -> Table kPa unit = 2 (high boost)

Locate and open Megatune2.25/mtCfg/vemsv3.ini

	MTversion      = 2.25 ; MegaTune itself; needs to match exec version.
	versionInfo    = "S"  ; Put this in the title bar.
	queryCommand   = "Q" ; MSnS returns 30
#if 12X12
		signature      = "VEMS v1.0 12x12 kpa=2,2"   <-- '''Change 2.2 to what ever you have.'''
Save'n exit.
Choose VEMS Genboard V3 12x12 High-Boost.
The settings in MT still shows red on the settings but atleast I get correct readings from my 4.2kpa map sensor.